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The taxes that the citizen files are the ones that their government use to develop their country. The main aim of collecting the taxes from the people is to ensure that their country is developed and it has all the basic needs that the people might require. There could be improvement of the infrastructure and other facilities like the hospitals which the human beings depend on most of the times. One should always fight to leave the country better than they found the place at all times so that the development can always continue gradually.

The government cannot get any funds if the people do not agree to file their returns in good time. When one requires some services from the public office, then they must have filed their returns for them to be given the services. The public officers will not sign any document that belongs to people who do not file any return until they pay their taxes. It is important for any country to create a strong and functional system which will keep all the transactions which are being made each day. When all the people file back their returns, there will be progress in the development of the country.

Most people record each transaction that they make in their businesses, and this is referred to as bookkeeping. The books of accounts are very important because they will always enable the people always to have an easy time when the process of auditing is being done. The book of account is commonly used when the people want to know the transactions which have taken place in a certain period. It is important for people to save the time they can be able to save and do other activities which will bring money to them.

When the bookkeeping is done, it will be very easy to explain all the facts to the people who invest in a certain company. The investors will be accounted for all the money they have spent in investing and how it has been used. The people who do bookkeeping always comply with the law of taxation.Therefore, their organization may always remain functional for long because it will not be closed by the relative bodies. Bookkeeping helps the people to keep the records of their company in the best way.The people who are in business should always comply with the regulations which are made to guide them.

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