Tips You Need to Know When Organizing A Ceremonial Sand Wedding

Unity Sand wedding Ceremonies are quite popular nowadays among couples than the same old unity candle ceremony. This component of a wedding ceremony has become popular for beach weddings, particularly in the last couple of decades.

What Does the Sand in a Unity Sand Ceremony Symbolize?

Basically, the sand in this union signifies the endless and immeasurable love a couple has for each other.

Pouring Sand from the Separate Containers into the Larger Keepsake Jar or Box

There are a couple of different methods to do this. The bride and groom may opt to pour their sand together or separately into the bigger container.

The couple can also choose whether to pour the sand before, during or after reading their vows. As every person repeats a line of the vows, he or she pours the sand alternating until all the vows have been said.

In other unity sand wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom may be required to empty the ceremonial sand from their individual containers completely onto the larger keepsake jar to show that the two are joined together in marriage.

Other ceremonies have the couples leaving a little sand on their individual jars to show that even though they are joined as one, they are still individuals.

Another important aspect in such weddings is that, the officiating minister might require a sea shell to scoop some sand from the beach and pour it into the large keepsake jar that has the mixed sand poured previously by the couple to seal the union.

Different Colours of Sand

People getting married using the Unity Sand Ceremony might decide to use ceremonial sand with different colours for their union. Many couples choose colours that go with the theme of their marriage ceremony.

Uncoloured sand can be used to seal the unity sand wedding while the bride pours the white sand and the groom black onto the large keepsake jar.

How Many Different Jars Are There in a Unity Sand Ceremony?

In unity sand weddings, three to four jars are needed for this ceremony to be a success. The bride and groom should each have one small jar that they will use to pour their sand onto the larger keepsake jar where they will be blended.

If the couple is using a foundation and seal poured by the minister officiating the marriage ceremony, then a third smaller container will be required.

A Few Tips for a Perfect Unity Sand Ceremony

Ensure that you get a keepsake jar that has a wide opening to easily pour the sand without having to use a funnel. This is to avoid the embarrassment of spilling your sand during the very important unity sand ceremony you are having.

It is important to rehearse before the Unity Sand Ceremony. It is essential that you do rehearsals of the Unity Sand Ceremony so that everyone understands the part they have to play and avoid things like spilling sand during the ceremony.

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