Print Octopus 2017: Great Facts and Tips About Wearing Statement T-shirts

Statement shirts embody expression of thoughts and emotions. Statement t-shirts are always trending and they will always will because they are stylish and can be worn in different ways. Don’t be afraid experimenting with various styles and pair ups using your statement t-shirts because it can’t be wrong at all. In this article, we’ll share several tips on how you can best style yourself with a statement shirt. You re free to create your own style in whatever manner you want with statement shirts.

You can add a blazer to your favorite statement shirt to add some sophistication for its edgy design. A different way in wearing a statement shirt is adding some statement bling for a complete get up. Look like a fashionista in spring by pairing your statement shirt with a full skirt. You can pair a well-fitted statement t-shirt with your boyfriend jeans for excellent style. Be cool and get inspired by your favorite celebrity who tie her statement shirt around her waist, and surely, it will be in, stylish and trending. Sometimes, wearing a denim shirt alone can be boring, so it’s smart layering it with your statement shirt for a different look. Your statement shirt is one of the many clothing pieces that can be worn with a vest. For a cozy and rock-style look, you can pair your statement shirt with a leather jacket and leather jeggings. If plan to travel, don’t forget to bring your statement shirts because they always look good when paired with shorts. Go party on a chilly night by adding a bomber jacket to your statement t-shirt and a Converse. Everybody wears statement shirts with jeans, and you can add some twist by wearing your sexy wedge or three-inch heels. Don’t hesitate to pair your statement shirt with anything you can think of, you’re free to style it with a scarf, big handkerchief, turtle neck inside blouse, trousers, mini skirt or your pajamas!

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